Bones leftover from the preparation of food, are allowed in the Athens’ organics container*. 

The organics container is primarily for the collection of acceptable yard waste. Depending on your city, food scraps (including bones) and food-soiled paper products may also be accepted.

Does my city accept food scraps and food-soiled paper in the organics container?
– Commercial Accounts: Athens can provide food scrap collection for most business accounts. Check your city for verification.
– Residential Accounts: Currently, not all cities have added food scrap collection to their services. Check your city for verification.
– If your city does not accept food scraps in the organics container, please place food in the trash container. 

* Business disposal: If the services provided by the business fall under the definition of “packinghouse waste,” that business needs to subscribe to a rendering collection service. Contact your Public Health Department for more information. 

Ways to Reuse

Make Your Own Broth

Before tossing out leftover bones, use them to make your own homemade broth.