Cannabis Waste


Residential Disposal
Residents should place cannabis plant waste or unwanted edibles in the organics container. All other cannabis packaging and related material should be placed in the trash.

Business Disposal
Licensed cannabis businesses must follow disposal guidelines set forth by the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC). Please review California Code of Regulations, title 4, division 19 for detailed information on disposal, record keeping, and handling of cannabis waste. Licensees may dispose of unusable plant material in either an organics or trash container per the above guidelines. If you have questions concerning Athens’ collection of cannabis waste, please email [email protected].

Only Cannabis Plant Parts Belong in the Compost

Leaves, flowers, and other parts from a cannabis plant can be composted as long as they do not contain or are combined with any hazardous or toxic materials. Cannabis wrapped in a cigar wrapper, cigarette rolling paper, or any other toxic materials must be disposed of in the landfill.

Did You Know?

History of Cannabis in the United States

Other than recreational use, cannabis (fibers) can also be made into a variety of products, from rope to cloth to paper. With its usefulness, cannabis was considered a proper form of currency in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Read more here.