Fax Machines

Alternative ways to recycle
Illegal in Garbage & Drains
Electronic Waste

Repair, Don’t Replace!
Instead of buying new, support local businesses by having them repair and refurbish broken items. Search for repair options in your area.

Consider Donation
If the fax machine is still usable, please donate. Visit Athens’ Material Reuse page for ideas.

City Specific Disposal Options
Please check with your city page (residential or commercial) to confirm if electronic waste (e-waste) disposal options are available, such as home collection, drop-off locations, and/or events. (These options vary per city.)

Household E-Waste Drop-Off
Your city or county may offer E-Waste and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) drop-off sites and collection events.
– Los Angeles County: S.A.F.E. Collection Centers and events
– Riverside County

San Bernardino County
– Ventura County 

Disposal Options For Businesses
E-waste cannot be placed in your containers. Schedule a Special Waste Collection by emailing [email protected] or calling Athens’ Customer Service Department at 888-336-6100. Fees may apply.

Some e-waste drop-off centers may allow drop off by small business generators (check links above).

Trash Bin

Never Throw in the Garbage

Fax machines are made with metals that are toxic to the environment when not properly processed, so don’t throw them in the garbage.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Staples' Take Back Program

Staples offers free, in-store recycling for unwanted electronics, including fax machines, desktop computers, tablets, printers and other electronics. Locate your nearest Staples.


Canon Consumer Products Recycling Program

Canon offers a recycling program for certain consumer products like fax machines. Check if they can repair your item here or if they can recycle your item here.

Ways to Reduce

Send a Fax Electronically

Instead of buying a fax machine, send and receive your faxes online with a service like MyFax or eFax for a monthly fee.

Opt Out of Junk Faxes

If you receive junk faxes from solicitors, opt out of receiving them. By law, companies that send junk faxes must include contact information so the recipient can opt out. To learn more, check out this FCC guide.

Double Sided Paper

Use Both Sides of the Paper

Create a pile of paper that’s been used on one side next to your fax machine and use it to send faxes.

Buy Used or High Quality

Look into purchasing a used fax machine that’s in good condition, or buy a fax machine that’s high quality and will last a long time. Both of these options are better for the environment.

Did You Know?

The Problem of E-Waste

E-waste is a dangerous business in India and China, where e-waste recycling plants release toxic chemicals into the air and cause health problems for recycling workers. To learn more about e-waste, check out The Story of Stuff Project.