Glass Bottles


Athens Services accepts glass bottles and jars, even if broken. Glass bottles include those used for beverages, sauces, dressings, hot sauces, and ketchup. Additional glass bottles also include but are not limited to growlers, and dropper and spray bottles.

Prep bottles for recycling

  • Empty all contents from bottles.
  • Remove additional accessories including lids, spray tops, and pumps. Metal lids go in the recycling; mixed material and plastic lids go in the trash.
  • Always keep labels on beverage containers to ensure CRV redemption.
  • Do not stuff anything inside the glass bottle! This can render it not recyclable.
  • Athens accepts broken glass. Please place it in the recycle container.

Ways to Reuse

Repurpose Empty Bottles as Vases

Empty glass bottles can make attractive vases for fresh or dried flowers.

Did You Know?

Glass Is Infinitely Recyclable

Glass is one of the most recyclable items on the planet. It can be broken down and upcycled infinitely without losing strength, purity or quality. The glass containers used to hold food and beverages in particular are usually 100% recyclable. Recovered glass is recycled into other glass containers, fiberglass insulation, and decorative glass such as terrazzo tiles and landscaping (xeriscaping).