Scrap Metal

Construction & Demolition Recycling

Athens will accept scrap metal for recycling, including: aluminum foil, aluminum trays & pie tins, aluminum venetian blinds, hinges, metal sheets, aluminum doors, metal chairs, film cans, pots and pans etc.

Athens accepts metals mixed with plastic or wood, if the majority of the item consists of metal. Please do not stuff or crimp different metal types together in a singular container; place them loose in the recycling. Athens’ Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) uses a magnet and eddy current separator to grab both ferrous and non-ferrous metal types.

Construction & Demolition 
Waste material generated during the construction, renovation or demolition of a location cannot be placed in your containers. Order temporary service for construction projects

Did You Know?

How Much Scrap Metal the U.S. Recycles

On average, more than 250 billion pounds of scrap metal is recycled annually in the U.S. That’s the same weight as 70 million cars. With more recycled scrap metal in the market, less resources need to be mined because recycled metal can be used instead.

Guide to Recycling Scrap Metal

Want to recycle scrap metal but aren’t sure how to get started? Check out this complete guide for beginners.