Tissue Boxes


Paperboard items are accepted in the recycling container.
Athens Services accepts in their recycling most paper products. Some are highly recyclable including printer paper and cardboard. Lower grade paper is less desirable for recycling. Products like toilet paper rolls and tissue boxes might be acceptable in the recycling containers, but stand a lesser chance of being recycled. 

Common paperboard items include: cereal boxes, cracker boxes, coated paper food packaging, coated soda boxes, tissue boxes, and toilet  & paper towel rolls. 

Prep for recycling

  • Remove tissue from the box before recycling. 
  • Tissue paper should be placed in the trash.
  • Even if labeled “septic safe,” tissue paper should never be disposed of in the toilet.

Never Flush Tissues Down Drain

Never flush tissues down the drain because they do not break down like toilet paper. Instead, tissues will go on to clog screens at the water treatment plant.


Only Empty Boxes

Tissue boxes are made out of cardboard, so they can be recycled alongside larger cardboard packages. Find out more.


Remove the Plastic Liners

Tissue boxes often contain plastic liners; remove the plastic liners to reduce contamination, and then recycle the empty boxes with cardboard.

Ways to Reduce


Use a Handkerchief

Consider purchasing a few washable handkerchiefs, so you can use them instead of tissues, which end up in landfills.

Buy Eco-Friendly Brands

At the store, look for brands that use a greater percentage of recycled paper in making their tissue paper. Brands that make tissues with 80 percent or more recycled paper include Green Forest, Seventh Generation, 365 (Whole Foods), Natural Value, Earth Friendly and Trader Joe’s.

Ways to Reuse

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bag Holder

Store loose plastic bags in an empty tissue box, and keep the box under the sink, so you can keep these bags in reach.

Did You Know?

Not Originally for Noses

Kleenex facial tissue was invented in 1924, but it wasn’t intended to replace handkerchiefs. Instead, facial tissue was created to remove cold cream. People started using facial tissue to blow their noses on their own.