Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

Alternative ways to recycle
Hazardous Waste

The safe disposal of vitamins and mineral supplements is very important. If accessed by children or animals, ingestion could cause severe illness or death. Additionally, improper disposal can contaminate waterways, drinking water, and soils.

Do NOT Flush
Never flush down the toilet, compost, or abandon in the environment vitamins and/or mineral supplements.

Business quantities and/or large amounts of vitamins and/or mineral supplements cannot be placed in your waste containers.
For more information or to schedule a Special Waste Collection email [email protected] or call Athens’ Customer Service Department at 888-336-6100. Fees may apply.


Best Disposal Option: Drop Off Site or Event
The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), recommends unused vitamins and mineral supplements be taken to an authorized permanent drug collection site or participate in a medication/hazardous waste collection event in your area. (Not all hazardous waste collection sites accept vitamins/supplements; please confirm acceptance prior to drop off.)

Secondary Disposal Option: Household Disposal for Small Quantities
The following is ONLY for the small quantity disposal (a few bottles) of vitamins or mineral supplements. Do NOT use this method for pharmaceuticals or other medicines; these require special handling to avoid toxic exposure for waste workers, the community, and the environment.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), recommend the following steps for the home disposal of vitamins or mineral supplements:

1. Remove unused vitamins and mineral supplements from their original containers.
2. Mix the vitamins/supplements with an undesirable substance (such as coffee grounds or cat litter).
3. Place the mixture in a sealable container, such as an empty coffee can, yogurt cup, or Ziploc bag.
4. Keep the sealed container out of reach of children and animals.
5. On your garbage collection day, place the sealed container in a tied-off bag and dispose of it in your Athens trash container.


Don’t Flush Down the Toilet

Vitamins will dissolve if flushed down the toilet and can then hurt marine life by contaminating their habitat.


Dispose of With Other Drugs

Children and house pets are at risk if vitamins are left out and fall within reach, so dispose of them with other medications. Find out how to properly dispose of drugs.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Return to Pharmacy

Pharmacies will often accept expired medications and vitamins because they are equipped to properly store them, which prevents potential misuse.